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Marie Lloyd

      The Origins of Music Hall Part 2, with John Whitehorn, Maureen Macmillan and Adele Tinman

This is the second of two items on the origins of the Victorian Music Hall tradition. Adele and David talk to John Whitehorn and Maureen Macmillan at the Elmsdale Road studio. The discussion is illustrated with many complete songs and extracts and continues with some of the themes mentioned in Part 1.

A fascinating journey through the evolution of European and American working class life, music and traditions.

This material is available on Audio CD free of charge. Just send a stamped self-addressed padded envelope of suitable size and design to: Music Hall CD Offer, Forest Radio, 55 Elmsdale Road, London E17 6PN.

Music Used in This Item

If Ever I Cease to Love ~ Kingsroe

Wait Till the Work Comes Round ~ Gus Elen

I Live in Trafalgar Square ~ Stanley Holloway

Christmas in Paradise ~ Mary Gautier

Homeless Man – UK – Jesus Blood Never Failed me Yet ~ recorded by Gavin Bryers

The Night I Appeared as Macbeth ~ Billy Merson (written by William Hargreaves)

End of My Old Cigar ~ Harry Champion

Coster Girl in Paris ~ Marie Lloyd

Oh You’ll Get On in England ~ Fred Murray/Charles Hilbury

He’s Only a Working Man ~ Lily Morris

Burlington Bertie ~ Ella Shields

He’s Moved In a Bigger House Now ~ Nat Travers

While London’s Fast Asleep ~ Roy Hudd

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