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Alba, keeping cool

"Sister" – Official Video


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Our good friend singer/songwriter Alba, whom we first interviewed in 2018, got in touch to tell us about her new single "Sister", which doesn't carry the usual feminist message but instead pleads for actual sisters to be more tolerant and forgiving of one another and realise that the love within a family is its most valuable possession.

As regular visitors will know Alba sings a lot about love. It's difficult to avoid comparisons with Joan Baez and the other politically active women musicians of the 1960s "Love and Peace" generation. Alba uses her music to make a difference and raise awareness about social and environmental issues. Speaking up as a feminist and a climate activist, after the launch of her single "Mass Extinction" in the first part of this year she joined forces with Extinction Rebellion with whom she played a sold-out festival to raise funds to combat climate change.

Speaking for myself I can find nothing in her value system with which I am not entirely in tune. There's nothing to choose between us really, except that she's a little bit better looking.

The Tenerife-born singer and multi-instrumentalist is now back again with her brand new single "Sister".

‘Sister’ was produced by James Sanger (Dido, Keane, U2) and is set to release in all streaming platforms on October 16. We're now able to bring you the newly released music video which was filmed in Paris over the summer in collaboration with up and coming Ivorian/French video creator Giles Ambo and with the support of Stradivarius clothing.

Alba is set to tour France in 2021, starting off in Le Mans and Paris, with more dates in the UK and Spain to be confirmed as the pandemic eases.

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