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The Show Must Go Online ~ Episode 3

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This is something that we thought might inspire local drama groups in Waltham Forest during lockdown. It's our kind of theatre!

The Cirencester Theatre Company continued to flex their creative muscle during lockdown with an online mini series called "The Show Must Go Online". Five episodes chart a group of Costwold drama types as they wrestle with having to cancel their stage production, through dress-rehearsals and aftermath. As you would expect, there are personalities to navigate and technical issues to contend with along the way.

Based on an idea by Lesley Scoble-Ash, it was written, directed and produced by Katy Sorensen and Caroline Jalili.

Inspiration The Cirencester Theatre Company’s lockdown project was written within a bank holiday weekend and recorded and broadcast over five weeks. According to Katy Sorensen the inspiration was “The Play That Goes Wrong by Henry Lewis combined with every Zoom call you’ve ever been on.” (I think a little bit of Mrs Overall crept in there too.) “All our normal theatre activities stopped, and we wanted a way to stay connected and continue to perform and entertain people in these difficult times,” said Katy.

The entertaining and amusing tale of The Cotswold Drama Dreamers is a demonstration of ingenuity, creative zeal and fun.

“None of us are professional actors or filmmakers. We are a community drama group with a varying level of experience. I wrote the play with Caroline Jalili – I take the lead on directing and Caroline on producing. We’ve learned so much and have mainly done it to have fun and stay connected with each other. We expect to be doing much more of this throughout the year until life returns to normal and we can get back to the stage.”

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