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Banarama Greenleaf Road circa 1990

Bannerama, c.1990, Walthamstow, image courtesy of Scott Walker

      Rendezvous Projects

Rendezvous Projects is a community interests company run along the lines of a collective by five artists: Katherine Green, Lucy Harrison, Rosa Ainley, Michael Needham and Iain Aitch. As well as being artists and writers, the five have a variety of skills between them, including social media and marketing. Resources are pooled and the members take it in turn to undertake projects. They formed the community interests company in order to gain greater access to funding and have greater impact with projects. They are primarily interested in Social History and what brings people together and makes a community. They often try to record a history that hasn't been previously recorded. The project Katherine is currently working on is called 'Sweet Harmony, Radio, Rave and Waltham Forest, 1989 - 1994', and focuses on the history of pirate radio and of the 'Rave' scene in Waltham Forest at this time.

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