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      Programme 8

Programme 8 was recorded between Thursday 19th July, the date of the exhibition in the Walthamstow town square by the overseas students at Central Saint Martins College in Kings Cross in which they presented alternative schemes for the redevelopment of the square, and Sunday 22nd July. Not all of the promised items have materialised and it's possible that we may add additional items as and when they are recorded or submitted.

The programme begins with an item on the Architecture Students'exhibition including a description from their tutor Roger Payne and interviews with some of the students themselves. Photographs of their posters and graphics can be seen on the a href="">Save Our Square E17 Facebook page.

This is followed by a piece of jazz from Woody Herman & His Swingin' Herd - The Woodchopper's Ball and then a poem written and read by Gudrun entitled A Dream Tree.

After a very short piece of linking music, The Trees by Rush, Adele and David give the roundup for late July and on into August for Waltham Forest as a whole and also for our old home The Mill Community Centre on Coppermill Lane in particular. This includes an appeal to children of all ages to draw or paint pictures that will be attached to the trees in the town square probably in early September in an effort to shame the local council out of allowing 81 of them to be chopped down to facilitate developers Capital & Regional's plans for our square. Pictures should be of (or relevant to) trees and / or their preservation and we will be setting up a small table near the Farmers' Market on the square every Sunday between now and September between 11.00 am and 1.00 pm with paper and felt-tip pens etc. for children to draw pictures. Letters to the council from children are also welcome and anything that children produce at home can be left inside the porch of 55 Elmsdale Road E17 6PN. The outer door will be left open during daylight hours and we have a big bag inside the porch in which material can be placed. At time of writing we have received about 50 contributions, many of which can be viewed in the gallery on this website, which is linked fron the home page and this page, and which will grow as we receive more children's work.

The roundup section ends with a piece of Johnny Cash's version of This Train leading up to our final item, a short sdtory by Gudrun, read by Adele, entitled At The End which is essentially a reflection on death. This theme is continued in our final item, the song Living for Two from Engineering Paradise the Musical written and performed by Becky Simpson, lyrics by David Gardiner.

LATE EDIT: We've just added a song recorded at our Elmsdale Road home studio by Graham Larkbey, in praise of Walthamstow Football Club. If you are a singer, a musician or part of a small band don't forget that we have the facilities to create high quality recordings of local artists' work free of charge. Just drop us an email and ask. Instant Download

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