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A Lockdown Fantasy: Jan Hart Goes to the Moon

Jan Hart, a Walthamstow Musician, in a follow-up home-brew music video to the brilliant Ghost Town, transports us to the moon with her superp piano playing.

Could you do something similar with a Waltham Forest flavour for our website? If so please send it along as an attachment to, or if the file is too large use Dropbox or a similar service.

The music includes :

Clair de Lune ~ Claude de Bussy

and sections from Le Voyage dans la Lune ~ Georges Méliès

Claire was the beach girl

Cheese manipulated by Archie and Eddie

RUNNING TIME: 4 minutes 48 sec. approx.

For best image quality view in "full page" mode

If your browser is unable to play this video you can download it from this link:

MP4 Format: Clair de Lune

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