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Andrew and Zoe
An Easier Way To Live Andrew and Zoe, Eco-Backpackers

      Interview with Eco-Backpackers Andrew and Zoe

Wayne Walton talks to Andrew and Zoe, a back-packing couple living on the fringes of straight society, Andrew having completely dropped out from a job in commerce that was destroying his health and more importantly his spirit, Zoe living hand-to-mouth from a low-paid job in a Norwich school and joining him for weekends and holidays whenever she can. When they live temporarily on ecological projects or 'wild camp' they often forage to eat. Andrew has strayed from one British Buddhist centre or temple to another where he is given food and shelter in return for a few hours helping out per day. Hence he need take no part in the conventional economy. He says he has chosen not only a more satisfying life but an easier life than the one he had before. Many might disagree...

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