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New series from The Mill Community Centre,
Coppermill Lane

Open recording sessions are held on the third Sunday of
each month between 10.00 am and 1.00 pm. Please come and
join us! Bring your ideas and your music.

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Useful map showing the Mini Holland road closures in
Walthamstow Village. Right-click and choose 'Save image as'
to download a high quality version that you can print off
and refer to when you need it.

Mini Holland Road Closures

Thanks to Gail on for this item

Tales From the Marsh Exhibition

Click the picture of the flyer above to view
photographs from the launch event of Siobhan
O'Neill's Tales From the Marsh Exhibition

Special programmes from Mill Radio

Interview with the students of Hilary Roden's
'Community Voices' ESOL group, recorded at The Mill on 6th July 2017

It can be downloaded from THIS LINK (67.0 MB) or you can listen in streaming MP3 format by clicking on "SPECIAL: ESOL" in the Flash Player column on the left. The interview runs for 1 hour 13 minutes 11 sec. and is also available as an Audio CD (email for details).

Interview with Brett Smitheram, World Scrabble Champion

This is the complete unedited interview which was divided up into three parts and broadcast in Programmes 19, 20 and 21. It can be downloaded from THIS LINK (57.10 MB) or you can listen in streaming MP3 format by clicking on "BRETT SMITHERAM" in the Flash Player column on the left.

Interview with Helen Bigham, The Mill's Business Development Manager
on The Voice of Islam DAB radio station, April 2017

The complete interview can be heard in streaming MP3 format or downloaded from THIS LINK (4.16 MB) or you can listen in streaming MP3 format by clicking on "HELEN BIGHAM" in the Flash Player column on the left.

Interview recorded by Norman Minter for
Radio Bethlehem 2000 in Palestine, October 2015

This interview on Radio Bethlehem 2000 was not created by us but is reproduced here in its entirety. In the course of the interview Norman makes a comparison which goes unchallenged but which might be seen as inappropriate or offensive by some listeners, namely that between the Warsaw Ghetto of World War Two and the areas walled-off by the Israelis to prevent entry by people intending them harm. Gudrun has pointed out that this is not a valid comparison as there is an armed conflict going on between Palestine and Israel which includes shelling of Israeli towns by state-sanctioned Palestinian forces, and there have been many atrocities on the Palestinian side as well as the Israeli side. The Warsaw Ghetto on the other hand was part of a deliberate programme of state-organised genocide.

The recording can be downloaded from THIS LINK (8.85 MB) or you can listen in streaming MP3 format by clicking on "NORMAN MINTER" in the Flash Player column on the left.

Active Change Foundation

Active Change Foundation, Lea Bridge Road, London E10 7EA

Hamza Tells Us How to End Gang & Knife Culture: In Programme 23 Hamza Abdulwahi, an Outreach & Engagement Officer with Active Change Foundation, speaks to Mill Radio, and tells us what he believes it will take to lift young people out of gangs, extremism, and knife and gun crimes in Waltham Forest, and help the public feel safe again in the area. We invite you to listen to his ground-breaking interview, and get in touch with Mill Radio if you have a different point view or wish to comment.

Video of the special song composed by
Monica Capelastegui (E), Catherine Chapman (GB)
and Paul de Wit (NL) as the Awesomestowaways to celebrate
The Mill's 4th birthday (see Programme 6)

Photographs of the event HERE

The Fuhrer expresses his disapproval
of the Walthamstow Mini-Holland Scheme
From the Walthamstow Toss page on Facebook

E17Streets4all - Stop Road Closures Campaign

Sign the online petition to Stella Creasy to

E17Streets4all on Facebook

...and lest we are accused of bias (how could anyone think such a thing?)
here is the main pro-Mini-Holland website:


Human Fruit Machine

Above: 'Human Fruit Machine' at the Great Millish Bakeoff. See Programme 23

at The Epicentre, Leytonstone


Step Outside Guides

The Step Outside Guides provide all you need to know for
FREE days out in London with children.
Interview with the team producing them in Programme 17.

Current and Older Programmes

Current Series
(on this page)

Programme 1

News Items from David
News From Nowhere Club
Interview with Chance UK representative
New Orleans jazz report (Adele) Part 1
Short story by Gudrun
General Election local hustings

Programme 2

Sara Mitra, musician & singer / songwriter
Interview about population growth
Stow Tellers (storytellers)
Dog Show in Lloyds park
New Orleans jazz (Adele) Part 2

Programme 3

The situation in Palestine ~ Norman
Steve Roberts, animator
A new cinema for Walthamstow
Guidi Gabrielli ~ aviation in Walthamstow
Tribute to the late B.B. King
Masquerade 2000 ~ Carnival band
Tribute to Katie Andrews

Programme 4

Circle Dancing – Barbara + Jean
Short Story Group in Leytonstone
Historical reenactments at Kentwell Hall
Domestic solar electricity generation
Reflections on 'Time'
Blackhorse Village project
Visit to Borneo & New Zealand

Programme 5

Blackhorse Village Part 1
Blackhorse Village Part 2
Link for Growth
Huffington Post letter
Homage to a Cat
Jeff the cyclist on traffic management

Programme 6

The Hogeye Men (Sea Shanties)
Elmsdale Road Street Party
The Mill's 4th Birthday Party
Fiona Flaherty interviews us
Campaign Against the Arms Trade
Walthamstow Folk Club
Little Holland Project

Programme 7

The Wildcat Brewery (Interview)
Joyce Bennett – tribute to father, Part 1
News & thoughts about German re-unification
David Cole, architect (Interview)
News of the 'Village' project

Programme 8

Kiera O'Brien, children's author (Interview)
Changes in our lives, discussion
Taylor Marie, discussion + poem
Joyce Bennett – tribute to father, Part 2
Announcements & events
Tribute to Allen Toussaint

Programme 9

Gudrun: Christmas is just Around the Corner
Christmas traditions & memories
Andy: experiences as a radio DJ
Tash: interview about The Mill
Taylor Marie, about Universal Courage website
Daffni Percival: poem about the Frog Prince
Katie Lumsden: short story, London Nights

Programme 10

Mini-Holland Scheme update
Traps with the English - spoof feature about EFL
'Mindfulness' training at The Mill
Caribbean Rum Bar in the Georgian Village
Tales From the Marsh - Siobhan O'Neill
Tribute to musician & writer John Chiltern
Mill News Roundup

Programme 11

Norman's latest visit to Palestine
Mill & Local News
Simon - Pygmy Project in Congo
27 storey flats for Walthamstow?
Interviews with traders at Wood Street Market
Waltham Forest Oral History Project
Courses available from Age UK
David's 'Open Source' stage musical project

Programme 12

Mill Community Centre news from Adele
Oral History – Bob Wilkinson & Alice Mackay
Taylor's book – beating isolation & depression
Discussion about the Mayoral Elections
Song from Engineering Paradise the Musical
Proposed 'skyscraper' in central Walthamstow

Programme 13

Interfaith Walk – Jean & David
The Mall Walthamstow Development Plans
Petition and Meeting
Mill Roundup – Adele
European Referendum
Dyslexia Walk – Adele
WF Echo Editor interview – Ben Smith
Singing Group for Teenagers – Ania Hardy

Programme 14

Leyton Market interview Tales from the Marsh
AVID – visiting detainees
Assistance for migrants
Mill News Roundup
Bob Beard – Mindfulness
Renetta Fake – Adult Play
Attack of the Killer Seagulls
Butterfield Estate evictions

Programme 15

Mill News Roundup
Gudrun's trip to Germany
Adele – Exmoor Dog Show
Linda – Olympic winners from Waltham Forest
Jean – Mall Development Plans
Norman – last visit to Palestine
David – Stage musical project
Interview – Jeff at the Tree Nursery
Interview – Siobhan O'Neill

Programme 16

Deborah's ESOL teaching workshops at The Mill
Grumpy Cotner / Pet Hates
Mill Roundup
'Engineering Paradise the Musical'
Petition re Mall development proposals
Trump vs Clinton
Suspicious neignbour activities

Programme 17

Interview about airport noise
Tenants of Butterfields Estate win campaign
Gudrun tells a Christmas story
Interview: Step Outside Guides
David talks about his stage musical project
Mill Roundup
Tribute to Leonard Cohen

Programme 18

Interview with Clr. Clare Coghill
Mill Roundup
Guido talks about the avalanche in Italy
David's visit to new Zealand & Costa Rica
Taylor talks about her new book
Capital & Regional's proposals for The Mall

Programme 19

Tribute to Chuck Berry
Interview with Helen re Charity Walk for Peace
Holiday in New Zealand and Costa Rica
World Scrabble Champion Brett Smitheram
Gudrun’s Accident + care at Whipps Cross
Mill Round-Up with Adele

Programme 20

World Scrabble Champion Brett Smitheram Part 2
April Fool Story ~ Gudrun
Mill Roundup
Interview with Wetland Steve
Local Issues – the 'Monster Block'
Helen's 'Voice of Islam'interview

Programme 21

Mill Roundup
Brett Smitheram Part 3
Charity Walk for Peace 2017
Litter & Extortion
Funday Mondays

Programme 22

Mill Roundup
High rise living
Gold Dust Magazine
Norman & Yumiko Interview
E17 Art Trail 2017

Programme 23

Mill Roundup & Bake Off
Actor Miro Kovenov
Short story – 'Suspicion'
Active Change Foundation
Mall high-rise proposals update
Interview with ESOL students
Walthamstow Annual Garden Party

First Series

First Series Programme 1

Keeping warm in winter
Tai Chi at the Epicentre, leytonstone
Joyce Bennett's three-month-long marriage, Part 1
Kia (age 7) interviews Jill and Grace (her mother) reads a poem
more on keeping warm
Christmas dinner at the Town hall
Keeping warm in years gone by

First Series Programme 2

Cowboy tradesmen and builders & how to avoid them
Joyce Bennett's three-month-long marriage, Part 2
Kia (age 7) interviews her friend about her 90-year-old Auntie Clair
Walthamstow Folk Club at the Rose and Crown
Jill on supporting people with dimentia
Item on Harry Patch, last survuiving World War 1 combatant
Cost of accommodation in London

First Series Programme 3

Colin & Annie – Living on a canal boat part of the year
Jean & David talk about their trip to Sri Lanka
The NPC Dignity Code re old people in care
Walthamstow Folk Club at the Rose and Crown
Jill on supporting people with dimentia
Adele on 'Oh What a Lovely War!' at Straford East Theatre
Gudrun – 'Good Wishes': hopes for the New Year

First Series Programme 4

Adele's trip to New Orleans
Gudrun talks about her time in Nigeria
Chatting over lunch – mostly about food
Talking about a conducted tour of Walthamstow Marshes
Lindsay Collier's book on Walthamstow's history

First Series Programme 5

Adele's trip to New Orleans
Talk about the Travel pass
Gudrun – talk about Nigeria, Nigerian Food
Talk about Dogs
Information about Age UK

First Series Programme 6

Talk about Nigeria continued
Poem – Jill – Tea with our Grandmothers
Lindsay Collier – Walthamstow Through Time
Joe McPhoy – Interview: Tai Chi
Jean & David – S.P.A.C.E. organisation
Street Party, Elmsdale Road
Carol Butler – Recipes

First Series Programme 7

Joe McPhoy – Interview, continued
Gudrun interviews new neighbour
Jean & David – Street Party, Elmsdale Road
Discussion – department stores and the “flying fox”
Adele – World War 1 Comm. Event at Town Hall
Gudrun's son & his music
Trailer for 'Conversation Mill' project
Age UK Information

First Series Programme 8

Jill & Joe McPhoy – Diet and health
Announcements – Dominos, Circle Dancing, News From Nowhere
Francis Firebrace, Aborigine Storyteller
Street Party, Elmsdale Road

First Series Programme 9

Tyranny of the Computer
Happy Birthday Adele!
New cinema complex on High St. Walthamstow
World population explosion (Interview & discussion)
Cinemas and theatres around Waltham Forest
Milking the motorist

Conversation Mill
Memory Archiving Project

C. Mill Programme 1

Food from the 50s and 60s
Sweets we had as children
Local department stores and shops, 50s and 60s
Advertising 40s, 50s and 60s
Coffee Bars and Soho

C. Mill Programme 2

Cyclists in Walthamstow
Doctors and NHS

C. Mill Programme 3

Hippies, Punks, Mods 60s and 70s
Fashion 50s, 60s and 70s
What we wore as teenagers
Our influences
School uniforms

C. Mill Programme 4

Ireland in the 50s and 60s
Turning points in our lives
Talking about music – John Whitehorn

C. Mill Programme 5

Holidays and events that happened on holiday

C. Mill Programme 6

Romantic encounters
Memories of childhood/school/families

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