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Hospital design focus groups for the Whipps Cross redevelopment

A new series of public meetings with hospital design focus groups for the Whipps Cross redevelopment has begun and will take place throughout November and early December, each session lasting 1 hour, via Microsoft Teams. Follow THIS LINK for full details including how to register.

Iain Duncan Smith to question Barts Health Trust Chief Exec Alwen Williams on Facebook

On 2nd December at 7pm, live on his Facebook page, Iain Duncan Smith MP will be talking to Alwen Williams, Chief Executive of Barts Health about the redevelopment of Whipps Cross Hospital. You can ask your own questions by visiting the page and recording them in the 'comments box'. Full details HERE.

Whipps Cross Hospital Redevelopment public meetings on Zoom

This series of open public meetings on Zoom to discuss the latest developments regarding plans for the new Whipps Cross Hospital and to hear people's views and answer questions has now ended .

Waltham Forest People's Assembly No. 4 planned for 28 November 2020

From a letter sent in to Save Our Square by Maren Hobein:

I am part of a group of people organising People's Assemblies to discuss local issues. On 31st October we had one dedicated to the Local Plan and the question of how local interests are represented in it. It was not unlike the meeting in the Square on 24 October with different groups providing information about their campaigns followed by discussions in small groups.

We decided to have another assembly to discuss the question of “How do we show the Waltham Forest Council that a Pause to the Local Plan is right and necessary?”

We know that the Council is under pressure to provide this Local Plan by a certain date as the government requires this. So asking the Council for a pause is asking them something pretty difficult. But we have a right to ask it and it is worth exploring what can be put on hold. The problem is that so few people in the borough know about the Local Plan and how to deal with it. I went to a local engagement meeting last week on Zoom and there were only 20 people. Those in this group that have written opposition to the Mall project and dug through the planning documents know that it is not easy to get your head around it.

The assembly is not just about the Mall, it is about the whole Plan, so the wider context will be clearer. Adrian Stannard has kindly agreed to talk about the plan and how one can critique it. We can then discuss how we can be effective in getting our views heard.

It would be great if many people from this group could attend and if you could also spread the word to other groups you belong to or know of.

As all of you know organising such events is a lot of work but we always find the engagement of everyone giving input and all attendees taking part in the discussions really inspiring and up-lifting.

You can sign up here.

If you have any questions you can contact the organisers by email at

This is a link to the invitation, which includes links to the forthcoming engagement events by the Council and for a meeting of the Whipps Cross Sustainability Group as well as information about how people's assemblies work.

You can find more information about the Local Plan here.

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Eva Turner at the Save Our Square rally in the town square, 24th October 2020

Eva Turner from the Action4Whipps campaign spoke at the Save Our Square Rally in the town square, 24th October 2020. Her contribution begins 37 minutes 50 seconds into the recording.

Adrian Stanard Explains How Planning Permission Works

Make sure you visit the "Videos" page to see Adrian Stannard of Waltham Forest Civic Society give an illustrated presentation on Zoom explaining planning, democratic control and environmental impact. Recorded Oct 21st 2020.

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